CINA Corp Announces GRAS Status for Its Patented Nutraceutical Ingredient CinSulin®

Leading Ingredient for Healthy Blood Glucose Support Now Available for Functional Foods and Beverages

CINA Corp announced today its Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for its patented nutraceutical ingredient CinSulin®. GRAS status means that CinSulin is considered safe for use in a wide range of food and beverage applications.

The GRAS status reviews and analyzes research data including the in vivo and in vitro studies, the methodology, the proposed uses, estimated consumer intakes, active ingredients, specifications, and a comprehensive review of safety data.

“Having GRAS status opens opportunities for CinSulin to be included in functional foods and beverages that support healthy glucose metabolism,” said Nancy Cheng, MD., Ph.D, an award winning diabetes educator, founder and CEO of CINA Corp.

CinSulin is a 100 percent water extract of cinnamon. Through the patented water extraction process, the beneficial water-soluble compounds are concentrated, and the unwanted fat-soluble compounds are reduced. For over a decade, CinSulin has been a leading product for healthy blood glucose support.

Dr. Richard Anderson, a former senior research scientist with the USDA and a leading expert in the field who has conducted several clinical trials of water extract cinnamon said,

“Scientific studies demonstrate the safe and effective use of CinSulin for supporting healthy glucose metabolism.”

CINA Corp will be exhibiting at SupplySide West, booth #2375 from November 2 to 3, 2022.

About CINA Corp
CINA Corp is the manufacturer of the nutraceutical ingredient, CinSulin®. Its patented process uses a 100 percent water solvent to produce a pure and unadulterated extract of cinnamon that ensures the highest safety and quality.

Source: PRWeb