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CinSulin water extract of cinnamon is the clinically-studied, natural alternative for managing blood sugar levels.*

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The Difference between CinSulin and Cinnamon

The whole cinnamon found in most cinnamon supplements is just ground-up cinnamon bark, and so is the cinnamon in most kitchen spice racks. Whole cinnamon contains everything in the cinnamon plant, including water-soluble compounds and fat-soluble compounds in varying amounts.

Our Patented Water Extract Process

CinSulin’s patented process uses a 100% water solvent to produce a pure and unadulterated extract of cinnamon that insures the highest quality.

Unlike whole cinnamon, CinSulin is a natural alternative that can be used with confidence and assurance. An integral part of the process includes a non-chemical 100% aqueous sterilization of the cinnamon bark with no negative effect on its bio-active properties.

Effectiveness & Safety:
Clinical Trials

Water extract of cinnamon has been studied in six human clinical trials and a meta-analysis to prove its effectiveness and safety. These results have been published or presented in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific meetings.